Welcome to Mattia & McBride, P.C.

Mattia & McBride is a law firm dedicated to the representation of healthcare professionals.  Since the formation of its predecessor firm, Philip F. Mattia & Associates in 1997, our attorneys have represented physicians in all phases of medical malpractice litigation, from the institution of suit to verdict and through the appeal process.  We have appeared in state and federal courts, before the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners, at mediations and arbitrations and before hospital medical review panels and investigation committees.

We represent healthcare professionals both directly and through their professional liability insurance carriers.  We have longstanding relationships with numerous medical malpractice insurers and work hand in hand with them to insure that our clients receive thorough, vigorous, cost effective representation.

Our attorneys have strong medical knowledge which we consistently expand upon, aided in no small part by the fact that we count among us an attorney who is actively engaged in the practice of medicine.  We are well versed on the intricacies of the law pertaining to our clients.  We have represented physicians in virtually every specialty and have defended the full spectrum of claims against them.

At Mattia & McBride, we take our work seriously.  We pride ourselves on providing aggressive, timely, complete advocacy for medical professionals and institutions facing malpractice claims.